Top 10 Ways to Save on Countertops


Getting the most out of your money is important. Every home remodel project is completed on a limited budget. Granite counter tops are typically one of the largest components of your kitchen remodel budget. Here are some tips to get the most out of your budget and still get the color selection and quality of that you require.

In-Stock Granite Countertop Colors

Look for a stone fabricator with a large selection of colors. The more colors in inventory, the better your chances are to get a good match in the lowest price. Buying slabs from a wholesaler can be more expensive then using the fabricators in stock slaps.

Premium vs Commercial Granite Slabs

Pay close attention to the quality of the slabs. Commercial granite slabs may include fissures and spots not found in premium quality granite slabs. Unless you are on a very tight budget it is best to stay away from commercial grade slab.

The coloration issues with commercial granite tend not to pass the Home owners expectations. The cracks, partial or otherwise, often found commercial granite can't have an effect on both aesthetics and durability.

Compare Countertop Quotes

It is important to know the dimensions of your countertops when comparing multiple bids. This video shows an example of atypical L-shaped kitchen countertop and how to calculate a accurate square footage.

SQFT CALCULATION: Take the length and width in inches. Then divide by 144 to get the square feet of your countertops. (L x W)/144 = SQFT

Simpler edge profiles will cost you less than intricate edging. The most economical edges are simple like straight edge, quarter round, and quarter bevel. If you were design demands more intricate edging one way to reduce your overall costs would be to limit the intricate edging. For example you may want to just include the intricate edging on your kitchen island counter top. This reduces the price and still gives you an ornate focal point.

Granite Counter Coupons & Sales

Many times stone fabricators will have coupons for sale available two residential customers. Here at counter top discounts we work with all of our Certified Stone Fabricators to make sure our customers get the best deals every time.

Countertop Removal

If you are remodeling and using your existing cabinets removing your countertops yourself can save you some money. Stone fabricators will charge you for removing existing countertops. You can save a few hundred dollars or more by removing them yourself.

Value vs Savings

One stone fabricator may use a high tech CNC machine. Other stone fabricators may cut your countertops by hand. When comparing quotes it is important to understand the differences in slab quality and fabrication process. Not all countertop quotes are the same. Here at counter top discounts we Will help guide you through these differences to get you the most for your money.