Granite & Marble Stain Removal Solutions


Stains on your marble or granite countertop can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Your natural stone countertops by their very nature are porous. There are counter top sealers available that should be applied periodically. These sealants create a barrier between the surface of your countertop and the natural stone pores. But, what do you do if you get a stain on your countertop?

Oil Vs Organic Compounds

Let's face it kitchens are you place of high activity and accidents do happen. Your kitchen countertops can be subjected to a number of various spills. Do you stains can be broken down into two major categories of stains: oil and organic compounds. while in most cases poultice will work to reduce or eliminate staining. There are specialty natural stone countertop stain removers available.

Demonstration:An oil stain was created in this demonstration by placing blue cheese dip on a sample of marble countertop. A organic compound stain was created on the granite countertop by placing some soy sauce on it. These were then allowed to sit for 3 to 4 hours to allow the stain to set.

Removing Countertop Stains

DuPont Countertop Stain Remover: DuPont stain remover was used on the oil stain. All you need to do is mix and apply around a quarter inch of the product to the affected area on your countertops.
Poultice:Home-made poultice was made by combining baby powder with hydrogen peroxide. This poultice was then placed on the granite countertop stain and covered in plastic wrap and taped down.

The sample countertops were left to cure for 24 hours at which point the plastic wrap was removed from the poultice example. Then the samples were left to completely dry out. This typically takes 3 to 4 days.

A flat razor blade was used to scrape the materials off of the surfaces of both the granite and marble counters. As you can seen this video the results are quite dramatic. The oil stain on the marble countertop was completely removed. There was no trace of the soy sauce stain on the granite countertop.