Granite Countertops Color Selection


Granite countertops are natural material that can vary in color greatly even when you are looking at the same type of stone. Once you have looked at samples to narrow down your choices it is important to look at full slabs.

Granite Counters - Picking the Right Color

Normally you will be presented with several different samples of granite. You would think that the samples would be adequate. But that is not always the case. In this video you can see an example of two very different looking samples that were taken from the same piece of stone.

The color of granite can vary greatly even within the same slab. That is why it's not the best idea to make your decision on granite color based off of a small sample. We recommend looking at the full slab prior to making a purchase. At the very least make sure that you see a slab from the same lot if not the exact slab that will be fabricated.

Granite Countertop Patterns

The pattern, or veining, is just as important as the color of your granite countertop. Small samples of granite countertops do not give you the ability to see the unique patterns found on every slab. The sample you see is just a small glimpse of the coloration.

The patterns found in granite in particular can range anywhere from very strong veining to fairly uniform. Sometimes when choosing a granite slab it's more then just the color it's how the pattern is laid out across the slab.

"Consistent" Stone Counters

Even within so-called "consistent" granite colors there will be variations between slabs of the same color. Here you will see five different Green "Verde" Butterfly granite slabs. The variations between these similar slabs is evident in the unique speckling found on each one.

Granite Color Variations

Color variations occur as the stone is dug deeper from within the quarry. The counter top samples you may see in a showroom maybe years out of date. As you have seen from this video you can expect color variations even on the same slab or granite color. It is important to look at the full slab whether you are looking for a deeply patterned granite countertop or something more consistent.