Characteristics of Natural Stone Counters


Natural stone has been used for countertops for thousands of years. However it is important to remember that granite, marble, limestone, and soapstone counter tops are not "perfect". No two natural stone slabs will be exactly alike.

Granite countertops are desired due to their uniqueness, durability and natural characteristics. Once installed you will begin to notice the details of your unique slab.

Pits: Pitting in your granite countertops is absolutely normal. You will learn to embrace and enjoy this unique feature of this material. Pitting is a part of the unique characteristics of this type of countertops.

Inclusions: Inclusions within your counter top are also fairly common. These inclusions appear as distinctive color variations within your counter.

Fissures: Fissures are naturally occurring cracks found on the surface or edge of your countertops. These are common in natural stone surfaces and not a product of faulty fabrication. Fissues can be seen on the surface of the stone or run through your slab. These fissures do not affect the durability of your counters.

Countertops - Quarry to Your Home

Natural stone is quarried deep from within the earth. These large blocks are then cut into slabs. These slabs are then polished. Tinted resin is often applied on surface fissures to maintain a consistent surface.
Tinted resin may also be applied to bring out the natural color of your stone counter. This process helps to create a solid countertop that is durable and beautiful.

Stress-free Counter Top Installation

The most important thing to do to do to make sure your counter top installation is stress-free is to be sure that all decision makers watch this video. There are inherent characteristics of natural stone counter tops that everyone involved need to understand.

Many times any issues in regards to fissures or inclusions will not be noticeable until after fabrication. If these concerns are of major concern after fabrication it is important to work with you countertop installer to determine the best way to address these cosmetic issues. Sometimes a simple application of wax filler may provide the desired results.

Quartz Countertop Option

If an inclusion or fissure-free countertop is an absolute requirement you may want to consider other quartz countertop options (also know as engineered stone). These quarz countertops are created using around 90% of natural stone that is ground with 10% of pigments and resin to provide a fissure, pit, and inclusion-free solid counter surface.