Can Heat Crack Granite Counters


Granite counter tops are made of some of the hardest minerals. This makes them an ideal choice for kitchen countertops that tend to get their fair share of wear and tear. But what about heat? Can you heat crack your beautiful granite countertops?

Will Granite Crack Due to Heat?

In this demonstration samples of Uba Tuba Granite & Yellow River Granite were subjected to high heat in excess of 450°F for over an hour. Once removed from the oven these samples did not show any cracking had taken place.

Then the granite pieces were subjected to direct flame. A butane torch was used to subject each piece to direct heat across the entire sample. Even in this extreme scenario the granite counter tops did not crack.

Granite countertops can take the heat. You can see in this demonstration that direct heat will not cause your granite countertops to split. This is why granite is a good choice for kitchen countertops in areas around ovens in range tops. It is also why you see granite used in high heat areas like fireplace surrounds where these heat characteristics of granite are especially important.

Heat in the Kitchen: So what does this mean in terms of what you can place on your granite counter tops in your kitchen? Will you be able to place pots and pans directly on the granite counter top surface?

In short... YES!! It is perfectly fine to place cooking ware directly from you're rangetop or oven directly on your granite countertops. This ability to take the heat is not necessarily something that is shared with all natural stone counters.

Granite Extreme Temperature Changes

As you've seen granite countertops will not crack in typical scenarios you'll find within your kitchen. But extreme temperature changes can cause cracks to form. This is not something most people will encounter within their homes. Taking granite that has been heated to an extreme then submerging in water can cause the minerals within granite to contract quickly. This is how cracks could be formed.